Friday, April 25, 2008

Name this Kit Contest, Sale and Freebie!!

Hello!!, long time without say hi!!

First of anything, My vacations were really good!!, Love Sea World, I went to see all the shows, I feed the dolphins and touch them, I feed the sea lions and seals, and have dinner with the whales!!, I spent such wonderful weekend, My family came from Mexico and went to have lunch with them, I really wish I could have spent more time with them, but gotta say anytime with them is good!!

And I have a CONTEST


I made this kit, and I think it came out pretty good, I am proud of myself, LOL, It's just that I can't find the perfect name for this one. I ask around to my hubby but does not have idea what I want. So this is your chance to get this Kit for free!! If you like it, think in a appropriate name for it, I don't know can be something funny, earthy, romantic, etc. Really, really don't know.

Think in the name and leave a comment here or in the Forum at DSO with your email so I can communicate with you and I will be choosing from the suggestions, The person that have the name chosen will win the kit for FREE!!, so Hurry and get me some names, LOL.

Avobe all the papers and below all the elements...

And For this weekend only I am having a sale of all my products, so check my store!!

And now for the freebie!! A piece of Name this kit, as soon as this kit has a name it will go here, so I really hope you like it and you come to play with me! Please leave a comment and enjoy!!

P.s. I have my little one sleeping in my left arm and can just type with one hand, so I better go now...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Download a Day and Freebie


I am so sorry I couldn't post yesterday, we had thunderstorms and even a tornado watch, like 9 pm we saw on TV that 80 miles from where we live was a tornado and destroyed houses, plains and stuff, so sad for the people that live there and at 3 am we had a thunderstorm, I could see and hear from the big windows in the bedroom, we had no electric energy till 11 am, so that's why I could not post yesterday.

And today I have a freebie for you, but also more things to show you...

First of all, Did you check already Bunny's April grab Bag, I love it!! It's full of CU products that you will be using over and over again, and It's so good you even can see what it's inside, It's in sale right now, but hurry because this sale is for this week only, you can get it here.

And did You went to DSO for your Download a Day?, Remember that if you collect every day pieces at the end of the month you will have a Mega Kit, and don't worry if you miss a piece of dis fabulous kit, because at the end of the month it will go to the store. You can go to the DSO Forum now and get more details about it.

And for those of you that hadn't check my Day Dream Kit, well you can go to the store and get it, I love the colors of this kit, It' seems so romantic to me, and It has lots of papers and elements for your scrapping pleasure....

And a new freebie, created by me for you!, 3 Fabric Flowers, They match perfectly with the DayDream Kit and you know, If you download please leave a comment and Enjoy!!

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake

Ps. Today Tina and Lani, two of the wonderful designers at DSO are hosting a chat about the Perfect Picture Challenge so get your pictures ready and pop up tonight April 10th at 9:00 EST in the DSO chat room, and there will be an attendance gift!!

And April 14th is the Scrap'n Chat at DSO at 9:00 EST, so please be sure to mark in your calendar, there will be an attendance gift also and you can chat with the DSO team!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Download a Day at DSO!! and Freebie

Well, lol, How are you, I have been busy, busy, busy, next week I will take a bit of vacations, oh my! let me tell you, It's my Birthday!! Yes, the 18, so you can leave me a comment to say Happy Birthday if you like!, lol,

Well First, I put some products in my store, so please check them out, they are a good price and had I mentioned that all my products pass for quality check, so you can be sure that any of my products that you buy is not gonna have any strikes or is going to be bad in any way, so when you buy any of my products you are getting the best quality available.

I just put this cute Brag Book set in the store, It's made with My Sweet Valentines Kit, but obviously you can use it any time of the year, so go to my store and check really well my products, I am adding every week so keep checking them.

And I want to share with you this layout that I made with my part of the Desert Winds mega to DSO, I call it Me, Myself and I, lol.

And Today in the Download a Day at DSO will be part of my contribution, I am not sure if is going to be the papers or the elements, but go to the forum to get more information and I tell you a clue, It's in my store and it's for Free!!, remember that if for any reason you miss a part of the kit, you can buy the kit at the end of the month, so don't worry but go to DSO and get your fix....

And don't forget to answer to Tina & myself CT call, We are only receiving applications Thu the 10th so do it now!! and if you go because you like my stuff be sure to put it in the email that you send, remember that you will get all my kits for free to play I mean Work with them, lol.
And now for the freebie, a couple of frames that coordinate with my sweet valentines in the store, please leave a comment and Enjoy!!

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Moonlight elements and Freebie!!

Hello there!!

Today is all about good news!!

First, Thanks for all the answers to the CT call, love that you want to participate, you can still sending us your links and bio until April 10Th, we will choose 3 of you to be our CT April 11Th, right before I am going to vacation!!, Oh, my vacation are to celebrate my bday, so I am all excited!!, lol.

And I want to share a layout with you, This one is for the Easter Hunt, what you think, Is she having fun???, lol, she had play with that basket for days and with the empty eggs, she takes the purples and pinks for me, the greens for Daddy and the yellows and oranges for grandma, she has been to busy, oh, she hadn't touch her toys, lol. If you want to leave some love on my layout you can do it here.

Finally I have in the store the Elements for Moonlight, I started and couldn't stop making them so I made a little more than I was expected, so I put them in two packages. Was so much fun to make them so I hope you have to much fun when you use them. And they are in Sale right now, for the first week in the store so check them out.

And now More Good News, you know how you had to do all the challenges to get the mega kit, well you can now download every day a part of the mega without have to wait until the end of the month, you just have to go every day to the Forum at DSO and you'll find the link for the download in one of the stores of the designers, the link for the first day was for Darlene and this is her contribution to the kit. One day you will find the papers and another day you find the elements, it's so exciting!!, You can still do the challenges and you will receive the prizes for each challenge, but for the mega you just have to download a part everyday!!

But remember the link is only good for 1 day, the next day you will have another download in another store and well you can go now to the forum and get the link to the store of Fishinmom, because today is part of her contribution what is a freebie, click the pic to get going and Enjoy!!