Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beautiful Delight Freebie

Man, my days are going so fast!, I hardly have chance for do much stuff any more, but I am enjoying my little one like nothing before, she is so smart!!, you will say every kid is smart, but my little baby is SO SMART, she now counts all the way to twenty and back from 10 to 1, Hello, she is just 2 year old!!

Besides that she is so beautiful and sweet, she is now helping to get her stuff from the floor and out of the way, and she is always caring for me, her Daddy and her grandma. This weekend we had a family lunch with my in laws, they were all surprise that she is counting and begin so smart and well she doesn't see them very much so she really don't know them really well, but she is a polite girl and showing her best manners, LOL, she is just a sweetie. I can't believe my good luck to have her!!

I made a lo yesterday, this picture was for last Easter, we had bad weather and we had to have the Egg Hunt inside the house, it was her first time to do it, but she got it right at the first time, she found all the eggs and even open them and eat the chocolate cereal that they had inside, LOL! Papers and elements are from the Story Book kit, from Kim B's designs, gotta say I love this kit, it soo romantic and well is most about weddings but it has such pretty elements you can use it in different ways, oh and this is your last chance to grab it in sale at DSO!!

And check too our new designer at DSO, Loucee Creations, she has a new kit in the store that's call The Spring Collection and you can get it only at DSO.

Don't forget to get Beautiful Delight the kit, it's about the last chance to find it in sale!!, so hurry up and get it, and check The Beautiful Delight Brag Book, for if you don't have much time to scrap you can just put your pics there and take them to your store and print them out just like a 4x6 picture.

And if you are still with me all the way here, you deserve a freebie, how about this, 5 tapes to complement the Beautiful Delight kit, please leave a comment if you download, leave me some love, and Enjoy!!

Download expired, soon at the store
Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake.

One more thing: I will be taking down the links for old freebiesfor be the end of the month, so if you don't have them download now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New kit- Beautiful Delight and Freebie Add-on


Finally I got a new kit in the store, this kit is so special to me because was made thinking in my little one, Is a beautiful kit, with soft and warm colors to showcase that beautiful person, the kit includes:
15 design papers
4 mats
1 uppercase alpha with
58 elements:
4 satin bows
2 shiny bows
3 brads
4 buttons
3 metal frames
2 frames with ribbons
2 beaded elements
1 Journal flower
4 fabric carnations
3 fabric flowers with button centers
1 chipboard flower
2 tags
3 ties
3 ribbons with ties
5 photoprong
4 staples
2 swirls
2 Tabs
8 wordart
And it's in sale right now and for a limited time, you can get it ONLY at DSO.

This is the preview of only the papers, so you can see them better.
Also I have a Brag Book set, created from the Beautiful Delight Kit, this set includes 6 6x4 in. Brag Book Pages with Beautiful elements and Wordart, to make it easy for you.

I have been really busy creating this kit, and I am very pleased with the results, comes full with elements and papers beautiful designed so you can use it over and over again.

And, of course I want to show you what you can do with the kit, this is a lo created with Beautiful Delight Kit

And I have an ADD-ON, just for you, you can complement the Beautiful Delight kit with this one, please if you download leave a comment, I love to hear from you

download expired, soon at the store..

Special Thanks to Princess Lala, Royanna Fritschman, Scrapgirls and Shannon Fahrnbach.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Just a quick post to inform you:

I just got a new kit in the Store, Beautiful Delight, I maybe had mentioned before, well this is a very special kit, because my inspiration total comes from my little princess, so soft, warm and beautiful, you can find it in the store and it's in sale right now for a limited time only. you can find it here

And please check the store really good, because all the designers are having sales right now from 20 to 40% off, including commercial use products, and my products are 40% off too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

About challenges and Freebies!!


I want to share with you my lo for the colour challenge at DSO, the papers and elements are from Bunny's participation of the challenge, The picture is my wedding flowers, I loooove red roses, so I wanted them for my wedding and I wasn't wrong, they looked georgeous, gotta say Thanks to the girl that prepared them, geez I don't remember her name, LOL, sorry....

And you know that if you complete all the challenges for this mont at DSO, you'll get this mega kit, from Valentines, it's HUGE and BEAUTIFUL, with the participation of the designers at DSO and the fairies. But for get it you have to go to DSO and complete all the challenges for the month of February and you still get the participation prize for each one that you complete, How that sounds??, GREAT!! Well go to DSO and have fun!

And now for the freebie, I told you I wasn't going to take so long in post again and here I am, with the Elements second part of the Floral kit. Tell me what you think and what else you will like to see in this kit, I read all your comments, thank you for take the time to say thanks and please don't share those files, send your friends the link to my blog, so they can come to visit and ENJOY your freebie. Please if you have layouts with my freebies I love to see them please send the link to your gallery to my email.

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake and Sandra Adamson.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My late posts with Freebie

Tomorrow is the last day of my sale at DSO, my products are 50% off, it's a great sale and let me tell you if you hadn't see my products you are missing something, The Princess Kit, is huge and is perfect for those little princeses in your life and the big ones too, and if you hadn't scrapped your pics for valentines My Loving Valentines Kit, is perfect for that, with a contemporary touch, you will love!, so go to DSO an check them out, last day last opportunity to get them 50 % Off!

And now for the Freebie

First part of the elements sixth part of the Floral Kit, I hope you enjoy this part too, sorry that had take me too long to post this next part, I will try that the next part will be here a lot sooner, Lol. Please leave a message if you download and enjoy!

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake, Shannon Farnbach, Cindy Doerkesen and Sue Chastain.

Sorry link fixed

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hello my friends!

Wooow the first month of this year just pass flying from here and there it's going the second one, LOL, I don't know where is the first part of this month, someone gimmie back! Lol, I have been bussy trying to get in my feet, but things are looking better again an I am feeling better and with a little extra time....

Yesterday I was cleaning my pantry and Alysa wanted a bottle of fruit puffs, I recall no give her the whole bottle because she trow the puffs all over the place and I had to clean, but she was insiting and I was bussy so I went for the easy way and I gave them to her, no 5 minutes latter she has 3 plates in the floor with puffs that she was serving and well the floor was covered too, I just look at her an call her for her name, she look at me and goes running to get a broom, she grab the broom and in that moment I feel like this is paradise, she is going to try to clean the puffs with the broom, I hear music from angels that was interrupted when she turns to me handing me the broom saying **HERE**, LOL, she wanted her mommy clean all the puffs that she trow in the floor, Well I came back to earth after all...

And hubby will be home for the next three days, that means no much computer for me, I need that he check my pc cause I am having trouble with it.

Remember to come and celebrate with me Valentines @ DSO, I am having a sale and my products are 50% Off, you can see them here...

Also Bunny put in the store her Designers Grab Bag, just check out it here, it's packed with awesome stuff and it's so nice that it does not need to be a secret...

And I have a freebie for you, nothing to do with the Floral Kit, this is about Valentines and celebration!, Is a paper pack called 4 Valentines that I create special as a freebie for the Blog, please leave a message if you download and don't forget to visit my store and get you fix!

Download Expired, look for this soon in my store.
Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake and Studio Ra.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Celebrating Valentines

Come to celebrate Valentines with me at DSO, I am having my Biggest Sale untill now, My products are 50 % Off from February 10 to 17, so hurry if you have been wanting any of my kits in the store, this is the BEST time to get it, don't miss it!, You can get them here.

I want to share with you my LO, this is the first lo that I made with my Floral Kit, this picture was taken in the Japanese Gardens when I was pregnant with my litle Baby Girl, you really can feel the tranquility of this place, it is beautiful and I love to go over there. Also there is a little sneak peek at the first package of elements.

And I made a QP for you, I will be posting elements very soon, so check back and here is your freebie, please leave a comment and enjoy!

Special Thanks to Royana Fristchman, Sue Chastain and Cindy Doerksen.

Monday, February 4, 2008

About challenges and Freebie Floral part 5th

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

Last night we had a storm, it wakes me up, and I closed my eyes and still seeing the lightening, I don't know what time was, I don't even move from my place on the bed, I sleep closer to the window, so I am always facing that way, however hubby was here and the noise of the storm and the rain blended with his snoring so I come back to sleep, hehehe...

Did you check out all the challenges at DSO, and did you check out the HUGE mega kit for this month (check it out), and do you know that you can have it just by doing all the challenges!, now that's a Deal!

I am getting ready for play are your ready?, come to play with us at DSO

Also Kim just take out her new Designers Surprise Kit Bag 6, I already have it and is packed of goodies, you can get it here.

And please check out my store too, you can do it here.

My loving valentine is still in sale so go and get it here

And now for the freebie, more papers about the last ones, next thing will be elements, but be sure to get them because I will take the others out for the weekend, so please enjoy and leave a message if you download.

Download Expired
Special thanks to Studio Ra

Friday, February 1, 2008

My store is in sale and Floral kit part 4 Freebie

Hi ladies!!

I want to share with you a layout of my little sweetheart, she is such a cutie, this is the day that she was 6 months old, and for this layout I use My Loving Valentine Kit.BTW, I am having a sale at my store! Right now you can save 30% in any of my products, but you have to hurry because this sale ends Sunday and some of the products come back to their original price. And remember my products are only available at DSO, you can't find them anywhere else.

And now (and because it's sooo late and I am sleepy) this is the Floral Freebie 4th part, remember to leave a comment and Enjoy!
Download expired, soon in MY STORE
Special Thanks to Studio Ra.