Sunday, September 30, 2007

Elements 1st part giggle & laugh

Hello everyone,

I have been so busy all weekend, my husband is home and even if he is really supportive with everything I do, he is starting to demand more attention I hope when he gets to come back to normal in his jobs I have more time to design, really all weekend I have been in the computer the minimum only when he is busy and I can accomplish an element for the kit.

Today I have the first part of the elements, I know you are waiting for them: this package includes: 1 tag, 3 buckles, 1 star shaped frame, two buttons, 1 bottle cap, 2 ties with staple and another two frames that looks like carriage. leave a comment and enjoy.

Special Thanks to Royanna Fisherman and scrapgirls.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Alpha Giggles and Laugh

Woow, today I have been working all day long! I almost didn't move from the computer, I am getting ready for the opening of my own store, but I still have lots to do, and very soon I probably make a Ct call, so get ready if you are interested...

Look at this beautiful LO, that Todi create from my Kit Flowers for Friends, it's gorgeous, Thanks for share it.
I am posting the alpha for giggles & laugh, I imagine this kit have to have more than one alpha, if I get at least 45 comments here in the blog and in 4share asking for more alphas I will be posting another one, so comments please

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Giggle and laugh the third

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you this beautiful lay out that Grace made from my kit Flowers for friends, it's wonderful, and I love the puppies, they are beautiful.

And for the third part of Giggles and Laugh I have another pack of papers, 10 papers that coordinate with the other two packages, and this kit start to grow big...

Remember to leave a comment if you download.

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Second part of Giggle & Laugh Freebie

Here is the second part of Giggle and Laugh, I have fun making those papers, I like the idea of put lots of dots in a page. Tomorrow I'll be working with the elements, so tell me what you will like to see.

Some time around two weeks ago I got my wacom tablet, pretty nice, but I didn't have to much time to use it yet, so I'll be trying that too.

Please leave a comment and keep the giggle and Laugh!

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Giggle & Laugh! Freebie

I have a new kit that I am designing, tonight I finish the first part of the papers, they are cute, I don't know how big is going to be because I just started, but I hope make a big kit for you. You know the pattern I'll be posting the kit for pieces, this is the first part, I don't have any idea what come next, but you will have it here tomorrow.
Leave a comment if you download, and tell me what you think and what you like to see in this kit, leave some love and be very happy! Oh and don't forget to giggle and laugh, specially that.
Special thanks to Atomic cupcake.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My pages and a Freebie

Finally, I have done some layouts, seems like since I start the design I had not done almost any LO's and I don't even talk that all my paper, I still like it so much, maybe one of these days I take some time off to work with paper scrapbooking, but that looks so far away.

This is the kit that I was working on, I don't have a name yet, but definitely I like it. I wanted change a little bit, I feel I was abusing of the pink, so I wanted work with light blue and red, they look so good together.

Hubby is doing well, tomorrow we go to see the specialist and I hope he doesn't need surgery, and after that he will comeback to his full time job and we don't know yet about the other, but sure the insurance have to cover that, something weird happens the lady from the accident and my hubby had the same insurance so we hope they give him all the privileges...

I have a freebie for you, it's another paper from the sweet pastel mini, I tought you may like have more of that, so here is it:

Special thanks to Royanna Fritschmann and Scrapgirls.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks for the Good Wishes and a Freebie

Hello Ladies,

My hubby is felling better today, he is still sore, but able to move around.
Thank you for the Good Wishes and the Prayers, We really appreciate it. Today I have a freebie for you, It's an alpha from a kit that I am working on right now. I really hope you enjoy it. I am only going to leave it up for two days, so be sure to download it soon, and let me know what you think of it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good in the Bad News

I am just posting today because I want the you wish me luck...

This morning my husband had a motorcycle accident, he has a broken ankle and the skin in his arm is gone, out of there he is ok, my question is why people can't drive right? some lady turn in front of him because she was going to get her breakfast, she couldn't wait 15 seconds to let the cars past before she turns, I just thank God that he is ok, and ask you to wish me luck and everything goes well in his recovery and in his two jobs, one of them he can't do for 6 weeks, I don't know how we do, but I trust God everything will be ok...

Besides that my photoshop Elements program got something wrong, and I have to re-install, that won't be a problem if I just knew where the CD is...

Today I have a Freebie for you,I call it Sweet Pastel. With this one you have to trust me, because I don't have a picture, but it's sweet, papers, tab, brad and one heart so be happy and please leave some luv

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Freebie for you

A little freebie is a quote in .png file, no background and can be re-colored...

Have a wonderful day!

Download here

And I have a winner or winners!

Do you remember I ask you if you could come up with a name for my unnamed kit, well I have a surprise (I love surprises!) I am going to give the kit to the people that came with a name for my kit, that is that those that had answered with a name will get it!

So I need that Todi, Grace and Maggie M send me an e-mail with the electronic address where I can send you the link, this was my intention from the beginning so those of you that didn't answer you miss it, luck for next time...

My e-mail address is

Monday, September 17, 2007

Somebody made me cry today, and It wasn't in a good way, do you think you should be so cruel with someone when you feel threatened? And why do you feel that way?, Shouldn't you know the reasons something was done before you judge someone?

I thank God for allowing me to be in contact with all of you in one way or another, and I thank you for coming back here and saying something nice to me, that is what makes my day.

And Thanks to my supportive husband, who is the best and helps me in everything!

I have a little something for you, an sdd-on to Sweet Alysa, three vellum tags and a Vellum flower, I hope you like them and simply enjoy!

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake and scrapgirls

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last part of Sweet Alysa

Hello Ladies!

I finish the elements from the kit, I am excited, I think they are beautiful. I learn so many things in the way and I have new elements like stickers, I had never made a sticker before and the button & string, that is new too, so now I am not only designing with pre-made tools, but I am making my own. And finally I share with you a new LO, that picture was taken when my baby was a new born and all what I want to say is that evoke in my "Sweet Memories"

Here is your last part and I really want that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating and I have already ideas for a new kit, please tell me what you think, and thank you for come back!

Special Thanks to Scrap girls, Atomic cupcake and Royanna Fritschmann!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sweet Alysa Alphabet Freebie

Thank you for all the comments, I love to read them, I know I said today I was going to post the elements, but I had the 13th Birthday of my niece, and she had a beautiful celebration, we give her the nuggets of truth, and talk to her about how she is beautiful in God's eyes, after that we had lunch at her parents house with all the family, after that I went shopping with my hubby and I got home really tired, but I still have a nice freebie for you.

It's an alphabet from the kit, made from chipboard I am so pleased with it, that I can't help myself, I include a big brad so you can start scrapping ( remember that it will be here only for few days) and tomorrow I will be posting the elements, click the preview for the link, and tell me what you think....

Special Thanks to Scrapgirls!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

second part of Sweet Alysa

I have the second part of the paper, be sure to get them because they will be available only for the weekend. All comments are welcome and let me know what you will like to see in the elements, I will do the impossible for do it.....

Special Thanks to Atomic cupcake

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New kit for you

I been working in a whole new kit and my inspiration comes for my sweet baby, it is why I called Sweet Alysa and I'll be posting for parts because it's big so today I post the first part that are half of the papers and tomorrow I post the second part from papers also, and after that I will be posting some elements, I am working with chipboard and it looks really cool, just so you know the papers are only available for the weekend and the next part I'll be telling you how long, so be sure you get them...

This is the preview for the papers but remember it's just half of them, comeback tomorrow for the next part, and click the preview for the link, and if you download leave me some love!

Download Expired!

Special thanks to Scrapgirls, Atomic cupcake and Royanna Fritschmann.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Help and a Freebie

Hello girls

I had two busy days and couldn't post, but today I am back with a freebie, it's a sampler from the new kit that I was working on, I been learning new things and I want to share them with you. Well I have another subject here I don't know how to call it, I been trying to find the perfect name, but just didn't come out, and here is where I need your help and (surprise!) the person that come up with the best name for this kit, will have it for free, the whole thing, so help me out...

Click the image for the link
Special Thanks to Scrap girls, Shannon Fahrnbach and Royanna Fritschmann.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Word art freebie

An art word for you to play, I spend most of the day in front of the computer, my Dh have been working all day and I have to take care of my girl and trying to advance on the next kit, that finally I didn't open LOL... I am very tired and I have to go and play so just be happy...

It's a .png file it does not have a background and can be re-colored

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Kit and Freebie

Busy Friday

I had finished already the kit and I called "Dulzura" (sweetness), I didn't know that was going to come so big, actually in the preview still missing elements and word art because wasn't enough space, but I love the results. I don't have a place where to sell them, but I am looking for, and I have a Freebie for you, It's a sampler from the kit and I really hope that you like it, please if you download leave a comment, your comments are what keeps me creating stuff and posting here!

Here is the sampler, let me know what you think of the kit and thank you for comeback... Click the image for the download...

Special Thanks to Scrapgirls!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I have a little freebie for you, it's a word art and I am working in the nex kit, please leave some comment and have a great weekend...


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday and Freebie

Hello Ladies,

I want to share with you those Layouts that I create, with a new kit that I am designing, I don't know how to name it, so if you have any idea, that will be welcome.

And I have the last part of the kit Pink nature (unless you ask for more) there are numbers and punctuation signs... Leave a comment and be happy!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Freebie

I know I said that the elements were the last part for the kit Pink Nature, but I noticed that you liked it, so I want to make it more complete, so I have today six frames for you, and tomorrow I'll be posting numbers and punctuation signs....

This is the link:

Download Expired!

Please leave a comment and have a great day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Freebie Sunday


Today I want thank you for your comments, they mean a lot for me and I want to share a page that I create with the Kit Pink Nature, you are free to share with me any of your creations too, I love to see them...

I have the link for the elements part of Pink nature, and I am working already in what comes next as a Freebie... I really hope that you like them, and please leave a comment
The Preview:
The Link:
Sorry Download Expired!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday and a Freebie

Tired, tired, tired, I spent the whole day yesterday in the mall, and I am paying today, but I still having a freebie for you it's the alphabet for pink nature. All lower case, the paper and butterfly it's not included but that it's a preview for the elements....
The link, and please if you download leave a comment...
Download Expired!
Special Thanks to Scrapgirls!